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Employee Spotlight: Blair Thornburg

December 6, 2018
By: Jessica Hyland, Writer

Meet Blair! This Roxboro, NC, native, born at Duke Regional Hospital, refers to herself as “just that old country girl” and spent her entire life in the Triangle area. She met her husband, Brooks, while in high school and after a first date to the Palace Point Movie Theater, the rest was history. The couple tied the knot in 2014 and now have two beautiful children, Addison, 3, and Cameron, 1.

Blair works as a clinical research specialist, senior, and is dearly loved by her patients and colleagues at Duke. In her old position at Person Memorial, they gave out a “Star of the ER” award, which was voted on by patients. For a long time, Blair was the only recipient of that award.

“Honestly, they had to stop giving out the award because every month the patients would vote for me,” laughed Blair. “It was an honor, but my colleagues were getting upset that I was the only winner, month after month!”

Here are a few fun facts about Blair:

  1. Hobbies: “My children – everything in this world now revolves around them! We love taking family vacations to the beach each year, but our favorite trip together has been to Walt Disney World.”
  2. Interesting Facts: Blair and her mother-in-law have patented a technology called Elevation Helper, which is a uniquely designed elevation cushion used for effectively preventing and controlling swelling in the lower extremities by keeping a person's lower legs, ankles and feet elevated in a comfortable position. The cushion attaches to a recliner, lift chair or wheelchair with leg extensions to stand. She also used to be one of the top sellers for Rainbow Vacuums. Never heard of Rainbow Vacuums? They are a specialty vacuum cleaner that cleans and purifies the air (her children have severe allergies). When Blair began considering a vacuum purchase for her family, she saw that the company was offering a deal for sales assistance.  “They told me that if I could sell a certain number of vacuums, I would get mine for free,” described Blair. “So, I went into the business of selling them and did really well. In fact, I still get emails and phones calls all the time from them begging me to come back and sell more!
  3. The Best Part of Duke: “My boss, Monika! She is the most supportive person I’ve met at Duke and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. I am so thankful for her leadership and guidance – she makes this team great.”


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