Biden Cancer Community Summit Hosted At Duke Cancer Center

On Sept. 21, former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, MD, will host the National Biden Cancer Summit in Washington, D.C. The summit will focus on the patient’s journey — from prevention to a cancer diagnosis, through treatment and into survivorship — and determine what our nation must do to accelerate progress in cancer care. Locally, Duke Prostate and Urologic Cancer Center will host a community summit in partnership with the Crush It For Curtis Foundation.

This event will be held at the Duke Cancer Center from 11 a.m. till noon, will feature a lecture on "Targeted Cancer Therapies in Prostate & Urologic Cancers" by Jennifer Freedman, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine-Oncology at the Duke Cancer Institute. Freedman will also speak on current treatment and the innovative scientific pipeline to develop new treatments for prostate and urologic cancers.

“It is of utmost importance to bring together patients, members of the community, scientists and physicians to provide opportunities for discussion that can lead to additional actions to propel cancer research and improve care,” said Jennifer Freedman, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine-Oncology at the Duke Cancer Institute. “This event will be a great opportunity to discuss what targeted cancer therapies are, the innovative research we are doing to develop new targeted cancer therapies and current challenges in the field.”

In addition to the distinguished lecture, Curtis Garbett, Founder of the Crush It For Curtis Foundation and a stage 4 bladder cancer patient himself, will speak from the patient perspective on receiving targeted therapies as a treatment option.
The summit will also include a panel discussion with Duke Cancer Institute physicians and scientists, including Steven Patierno, PhD, deputy director of the Duke Cancer Institute; Bridget Koontz, MD, radiation oncologist; Daniel George, MD, director of genitourinary cancer and Duke Cancer Institute postdoctoral associate, Muthana Al Abo, MD, PhD.

In 2016, the launch of the White House Cancer Moonshot program galvanized a movement to double the rate of progress against cancer. Thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations from across industries and sectors throughout the country convened to develop solutions and partnerships that are improving cancer outcomes and saving lives. Together, we have already achieved tremendous progress, but the work is not done. Join us on Sept. 21, 2018, as the Biden Cancer Summit focuses national attention on the urgency to build on this momentum through community-driven action, ideas and solutions. Together, we can beat cancer.

For more information on the Crush It For Curtis Foundation Biden Cancer Community Summit, please visit the webpage.