Lifestyle & Survivorship Research


Our mission is clear—inspired by the bravery of our patients, we are committed to pursuing even outrageous possibilities. Our process is unparalledled—we draw from Duke’s entire pool of world-class talent and resources to foster collaborative exchanges of knowledge and promote innovation.

Our utilizing this multi-disciplinary approach, we lead the field in breakthrough research that transforms how we prevent, diagnose and treat prostate and urologic cancers.

Together, we are moving further, faster and with greater purpose.

Basic/Translational Research

Energy balance in Prostate & Urologic Cancers

  • Bridging the gaps in knowledge regarding the relationships between physical activity, sedentary behavior, nutrition and cancer
    • Optimizing lifestyle factors to improve health, quality of life, and cancer outcomes
  • Examining how exercise testing may improve assessment of functional status and drug toxicity
  • Investigating how exercise training may:
    • Mitigate fatigue and other treatment-related adverse events
    • Modulate the immune system to synergize with targeted therapies and immunotherapy