At Duke, we're changing the rules on cancer. We draw on our entire pool of world-class talent and resources to share knowledge and innovation quickly and efficiently. This enables us to exponetially increase the possibility of advances to transform cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship. Our researchers and physicians partner to push the boundaries of possibility with a courage matched only by the patients we care for. 

We now seek the ultimate collaboration, the partnership that will allow us to fully realize the potential of every step we have taken to transform prostate and urologic cancer research and care. Our supporters are those individuals who grasp the electrifying implications of what we have done, and the astonishing potential of what we could do. With you on our team, we will change the rules on cancer and give the world a re-imagined vision of how to defeat the most relentless enemy of our generation. For more information on research priorities and the many ways to support the Duke Prostate & Urologic Cancer Center, please contact Michelle Cohen, Senior Director of Development, at 919.385.3124.


Your gift ensures that science keeps moving forward to better treatments and, ulimately, cures. When you partner with us and support this fund, you provide us with resources we can apply quickly and dramatically to fund our most important work:

  • removing regulatory roadblocks between novel therapies and patients
  • fast-tracking frontier research and innovative treatments
  • enabling leading-edge cancer surgeries and procedures
  • attracting and energizing the brightest young minds in cancer research

Best of all, your donation fosters even more working partnerships between our patients and our scientists, pushing back the frontiers of cancer research while giving patients the gift of another cherished month, another treasured season, another priceless year.

At Duke Prostate & Urologic Cancer Center, you’ll find remarkable stories everywhere you look. As you read about these ground-breaking discoveries, innovative treatments and courageous lives, don’t be surprised if you feel a restless energy and a rising determination.


What is the main address and contact information for the DCI Development Office? 

Duke Cancer Institute Office of Development

c/o Michelle Cohen, Senior Director of Development
710 W. Main Street, Suite 200
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919.385.3124

May I make a gift online or mail in my donation?

Yes, please click here to Make a Gift today online or Mail in Your Gift with our donation form to the address listed above. 

How do I make a gift by phone? Who do I call with general questions about donations?  

For more information, please contact Michelle Cohen at 919.385.3124 or by email at:

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?  

Yes, Duke will send you a tax receipt either by email or letter.

How do I make a gift of stock?  

Learn more about the process here.

What is Duke’s Tax ID#?  


How can I learn more about planned gifts (i.e. gifts through wills, life income gifts, IRAs, real estate, etc.)? 

Find information here.  For more information, contact Joseph Tynan, Director of Planned Giving for Duke Health, at 919.385.3114.

Who should I contact with questions about setting up an online giving page or a fundraising page to accompany an event I am planning? 

Learn more about personal giving pages here. Learn more about hosting a fundraising event and creating a page here. For more information, contact Erin Tait, Director of Community Engagement at 919-385-3126

How can I make a gift in memory or in honor of a loved one?

For additional information, please contact Doris Pope at 919.385.3129.

What language should I use in an obituary to direct memorial gifts?

As a general guideline, please use the following language in obituaries to direct memorial gifts: 
In lieu of flowers, please send donations in memory of {NAME} to Duke Cancer Institute at:

710 W. Main Street, Suite 200
Durham, NC 27701 

For additional information, please contact Doris Pope at 919-385-3129.

How can I learn more about your Matching Gifts program? 

Find out here if your company has a matching gift relationship with Duke. For more information, contact Randall Byrd at 919.684.2338.