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Prostate & Urologic Cancer Center Blog


DCI Center for Prostate & Urologic Cancers Blog provides updates, organizational announcements, the latest in funding opportunities and information on upcoming conferences and symposiums. This blog also highlights inspiring patient stories and the accomplishments and achievements of faculty and staff. Subscribers are invited to submit story ideas and other news of interest. Email submissions and feedback to Jessica Hyland, Editor-In-Chief.

Prostate Cancer Cells Grow with Malfunction of Cholesterol Control

Advanced prostate cancer and high blood cholesterol have long been known to be connected, but it has been a chicken-or-egg problem. Now a team led by researchers at the Duke Cancer Institute have identified a cellular process that cancer cells hijack to hoard cholesterol and fuel their growth...

Blood Biomarkers ID'd in Drug-Resistant Cancer Tumor Cells

While searching for a non-invasive way to detect prostate cancer cells circulating in blood, Duke Cancer Institute researchers have identified some blood markers associated with tumor resistance to two common hormone therapies. In a study published online this month in the journal Clinical Cancer...

Where Prostate Cancer Spreads Affects Survival Time

Patients with lymph-only metastasis have the longest overall survival, while those with liver involvement fare worst. Lung and bone metastasis fall in the middle. “Smaller studies had given doctors and patients indications that the site of metastasis in prostate cancer affects survival, but...

His Journey Leads to An Unforeseen Purpose Helping Many

They say it’s really the journey that teaches us a lot about our destination. Dominic Marrese could have never anticipated 10 years ago when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer that today he would be an outspoken advocate for prostate cancer screening and a committed champion for increased...

A New Generation of Therapies for Prostate Cancer

Dan George, M.D., is a medical oncologist and director of Duke Cancer Institute Genitourinary Oncology. He and his colleagues at Duke are continually working to offer better treatment options to men with prostate cancer. What is the outlook for men with prostate cancer? Today we are able to help...