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Armstrong Lab

The Armstrong lab studies epithelial and phenotypic plasticity in prostate cancer metastasis and therapy resistance. Epithelial plasticity is the reversible switch between cellular phenotypes that promotes invasion, chemoresistance, and metastasis. Our translational research group combines clinical genomics, liquid biopsy technology, and  preclinical models to understand the drivers of phenotypic plasticity in prostate cancer. 


Andrew Armstrong, MD, McS

Jason Somarelli, PhD

Kathryn Ware, PhD

Santosh Gupta, PhD

Jason Zhu, MD

Gabor Kemeny, MS

Contact Us

Andrew J. Armstrong, MD ScM FACP
Phone: 919.668.4667
Twitter: @AarmstrongDuke
Associate Professor of Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacology and Cancer Biology
Associate Director for Clinical Research in Genitourinary Oncology