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Program Leadership

The Duke Prostate & Urologic Cancer Center is a collaborative, multidisciplinary team with over 20 clinicians and 30 laboratory-based researchers who are leading cutting-edge clinical, translational and population research.  As a national leader in the areas of health disparities, immunotherapy, population sciences and RNA targets and therapeutics, the center is commited to developing breakthrough research.

In the field of prostate cancer, our team is one of only 10 peer-reviewed prostate cancer clinical research sites currently awarded grant support from the Department of Defense. 

Our clinicians practice at Duke University Hospital, one of the top 10 hospitals in the country for excellent urologic care, and our cancer program is also ranked among the nation’s best. The center includes clinical teams of urologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, a dedicated genitourinary (GU) radiology group, advanced practice providers, scientists and pathologists.

The center is built with an infrastructure to prioritize the most compelling research that needs to move forward, while promoting team science to leverage expertise across the Duke campus. 

Duke Prostate & Urologic Cancer Center Priorities:

  • Advance first-in-human prostate cancer clinical trials seldomly available elsewhere
  • Lead studies interrogating the biology of health disparities, allowing us to better understand the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer
  • Develop new strategies to target the immune system
  • Conduct population studies in prostate cancer screening to further our understanding of the biology and symptom burden of stage 4 lethal disease
  • Cultivate junior faculty and trainee development for the next generation of clinical and research leaders in the field  


Our Approach

Through collaborative multidisciplinary care, education, and clinical, translational, and population research, Duke Prostate & Urologic Cancer Center is designed to help improve the survival and quality of life of patients.

Our research emphasizes prevention and screening, early diagnosis, and the development of new treatments to improve the overall health of our patients. Many of our studies are looking at targeted treatments and individualized care. With the support of young and promising scientists, we are making meaningful strides in tackling metastasis and aggressive cancer behavior.

Our team of medical oncologists, urologic surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, cancer biologists and drug developers are also working to bring new discoveries directly to our patients by giving them opportunities to participate in cutting-edge clinical trials.